Top Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

The roof can last for decades when proper maintenance procedures are implemented. The oldest homes around you might have their roofs installed since the houses were established. What are their secrets?


Top Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

The roof is an overhead structure that protects the house and the people living inside it against the harsh effects of the changing weather patterns. But with time and due to exposure to sun and rain, the roof may deteriorate slowly especially when you are unaware of how it can be preserved. The rest of the article exposes the secrets of other homeowners on how they were able to make their roofs endure the effects of time and weather.

1.Perform a regular check up on the roof.
Most builders suggest that the roof be inspected at least twice a year for holes and leaks. Additional check up times must be performed after storms happen. Regular checkups will help prevent worsening of holes before they become that large to allow rain water to damage your home fixtures.

2.Inspect the rain gutter for signs of rusting and rotting.
Rain gutters enhance the protective functions of the roof. But with time, rusting and rotting can occur along with algal and mould growth. Rusting and rotting can eventually spread to the roof itself when not attended to at an earlier time. Mould and algal growth can also spread to the roof, ceilings, attic, and other parts of the house when they are not stopped upon knowing their occurrence. Performing regular checkups on the rain gutter can also play a large part towards the maintenance of the roof.

3.Cut parts of trees that grow too close to the house and to the roof in particular.
Overhanging tree limbs especially those branches that spread wide on the roof shingles and rain gutters should be eliminated immediately. They pose great danger especially during the occurrence of storms. The leaves can also accumulate on the roof and rain gutter leading to rotting if not removed on regular basis.

4.Check for insect infestations.
Unknowingly, social insects like carpenter ants and termites may thrive on your roof and rain gutter. They feed on the bits and pieces of the roof shingles and rain gutter especially when there are wooden parts. They can also feed on the dried leaves that might have accumulated on the roof. If you notice several of these insects, it is high time for you to kill them with the use of natural and organic insecticides.

5.Delegate roofing professionals and builders to do more complex inspection of the roof and associated structures.
The roof is such a very fragile structure in terms of the damages that it can endure any time of the day, whatever the weather is. Simple problems can be handled by a typical homeowner, but there are roof maintenance and gutter fixes that should be delegated to professionals only. They have keen eyes for the smallest problems that in reality are that large to cause damages.

6. Make sure your homes plumbing pipes are intact. If you have a leak in your walls, it could cause mold in your roof. If you are having a plumbing issue in Regina SK, make sure to call your local regina plumber!

Always maintain the contact numbers of roofing professionals and builders. They are always on-call to help you determine and fix those roofing problems. Remember that even though the roof is such a structure that you don’t usually see, it is still a structure that provides great benefits to your family. Take time to impose the protection and maintenance the mighty roof deserves.

When to Consider Roof Repairs and Replacements

The roof provides protection to the dwellers against the harsh effects of rain and sun. It also protects the items like furniture, appliances, and fixtures from getting damaged by the elements of weather. However, with time, the roof will also deteriorate due to constant exposure to the baking effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and to the rust-causing effects of the rain.


When to Consider Roof Repairs and Replacements

According to surveys, most homeowners are finding difficulty in deciding whether to impose repair or totally replace their roofing. This is due to lack of knowledge when it comes to the instances when fixes and replacement are deemed fit. The rest of the article explains when roof repair is warranted and when replacement is required.

One of the primary signals to impose a roof repair is when you notice stains on the ceiling. The stains are telltale signs that water is leaking on the roof to your ceiling. Upon noticing a small water stain, you should immediately perform an inspection to see what is actually causing the leak. In most cases, loose nails on the roof cause leaks. Small tears or holes in the roof may also start bigger problems with leaks and may just damage your ceiling more.

Roof repair is also warranted when a section or some sections of the roof becomes damaged due to rusting and corrosion. When not done in an utmost manner, bigger problems can occur such that other sections might also become affected with rusting too.

However, when your roof is composed of a single large sheet – replacement is typically required in a periodic interval. This is due to the deterioration that it has endured through time considering the amount of UV rays it has absorbed and the volume of rain water that has dried up in its surface. During roof replacement, it is very important to consider the amount of time it has served a protective structure of your house. General recommendation for replacing roofs is mostly when the roof has reached more than 20 years of existence.

There is a method that is viewed by many as a combination of roof repair and replacement. This is when a new layer of roof is put on top of the existing roof structure. This method perfectly fixes leaks and holes, concealing them under the layer of new roof sheet or shingles that will create an impression that it is an entire replacement when viewed from atop.

Whatever roofing problem that may come across, it is always important to assess your financial stretch in order to evaluate whether repair or replacement is perfect for your situation. This is because money plays a large part when it comes to these things. Both will require a generous amount of money extracted from your wallet to pay for the services of the roofing contractor and builder that will perform the repair or roof replacement.

Shed roof building tips

Knowing what is best for your roof

Shed roof building is one of the popular and common DIY projects. A garden shed is basically used for storage and hence it should be structurally sound to ensure that it does its job well. The roof is the most important part of any building and a proper roof is essential for the shed to protect all the items stored inside it against the harsh elements around. Though roof building isn’t that complicated, you can still profit from a few roof building tips when you find any.


One of the primary roof building tips to ensure that the roof is completed without any problems is proper planning. Planning starts right from the basics where you first need to decide what type of roof your shed requires to the right materials for the roof right up till devising the roof plans. To make things easy for you there are a number of websites available online that can help you in deciding the best plan for your shed roof. In addition you will be able to get expert advice on the materials to be used and any other queries that might come up when building the shed roof. Apart from this you will also be able to purchase ready made plans pertaining to all types of shed roofs, that are suitable for all places, climates etc.

Hence, the internet is the best place to get roof building tips from experts who have been there for scores of years in the roofing industry. In addition to this you will also be able to learn about the new designs available for shed roofs and the current trends that are prevalent in various places.

Currently most people are concerned about the environment and are incorporating the Green concept in all types of buildings. There are also various ideas for Green roofs and opting for this concept will not only help the environment but will also provide you with savings in terms of heating and cooling costs. One popular idea is to go for solar paneling for the roof so that you will be able to incorporate renewable energy resources into your daily energy requirement. Another idea is to go for a green roof where green shrubs and plants are planted over your roof which can help keep the place cool and also clean the air around!